Principal Speech

Welcome to The Islamic School, a leading school in its unique idea and its curriculum, based on the service of the human being and his education within a clear vision and a great goal based on the graduation of the student at puberty capable of working and production, takes responsibility for himself and serves his family and society. The Islamic School was path of guidance and a lighthouse that opens the way for human beings from all categories of society and of all nationalities in a fraternal atmosphere and an effective educational environment. The idea of the school was a response to the course of education in all Countries around the world. Moreover, the large number of graduates and the suffering of societies from unemployment was the reason for the creation of this unique educational system. The vision of the founder Haj Saeed bin Ahmed Al Lootah education is a clear holistic vision, he believes that all problems are based on different education systems and that their solution is also in finding an educational system that achieves high goals and to reach a high society, a strong economy and independent management. So, The Islamic School has worked hard to achieve that through the graduates who proved themselves in different fields and sites. This means the success of its idea which meets the needs of the society. We welcome you visitors to our school in an atmosphere full of love, cooperation and achievement.

Emirati Students

Emirati students have been the focus of school management in line with the vision of wise leadership in their access to beneficial education within the international education system, and Emirati students have had a special file in the school through which we take care of them and know their hobbies and creativity and develop appropriate enrichment programs for them to reach The highest level of education which the state aims to achieve by achieving the goals of the national agenda.

School Facilities

The Islamic School is characterized that it takes care of the facilities that serve the educational process and reinforces students’ talents, as it has provided a set of distinguished facilities, including (fitness center - media department - sewing – goldsmith - science and computer laboratories) and all of these aims to enhance knowledge with applied work and detect the talented And take care of them.

Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Since the Knowledge and Human Development Authority began supervising schools in Dubai to reach the highest levels, the Islamic School has fulfilled the requirements of the Authority and has been in line with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision in education to achieve the goals of the national agenda, and the school is keen on fruitful cooperation and constructive communication with KHDA, and follow-up on all that is new through courses, workshops and meetings in order to reach the highest international standards in education.

Education is the base of flourishing and development of societies. Whenever the educational system is build well, peoples will develop. Knowledge, Science and the practical aspect should be related together.

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