Education in Ramadan

In the light of the distance learning program, the school confirms its complete readiness during the month of Ramadan and the continuation of the program with the same effectiveness through new appointments that take into account social and religious conditions in this holy month

Distance learning

In response to the government's decision to activate distance learning during this period that the world is going through in light of the spread of the Corona virus, In order to preserve the health of our children, the Islamic school in Dubai has responded to this and has worked since the first day of the initiative to activate distance learning, The experience has proven a great success and excellent response by students and parents, and this confirms the Dubai government's vision of smart learning, which was a forerunner in its adoption for many years.

Academic Cooperation

Within the framework of academic cooperation between the Islamic School and the Al-Noor Academy in America, it was agreed yesterday to further cooperation on distance learning methods in order to reach the highest international standards.

School procedures about Corona

As part of the state's policy, the school carried out sterilization procedures for the Corona virus in all school facilities, as part of a procedural plan


Among the bright spots of the Islamic school, which are worthy of mention, two students of the school receive an honors degree in International Measurement Test (IBT) at the level of the Middle East region and they are:

Mansour Mohammed Hassan Abdullah Al-Balushi (Arabic Language)
Ibrahim Shaheen Muhammad (English Language)
The school was informed of an official letter from the regional director of the Australian Council for Educational Research in the Middle East. The school is proud of this regional and international excellence, and aspires to more successes in the future.

Education is the base of flourishing and development of societies. Whenever the educational system is build well, peoples will develop. Knowledge, Science and the practical aspect should be related together.

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