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Welcome to Islamic School

I would like to welcome you the dearest to our hearts and companions of life that is based on brotherhood and love along with cooperation, the knowledge of scientists , verbalists and communications who grew up at the school of life ,having in mind one goal,which is to upbring and help others to build a new fortified building for next coming generations that will bear trust from their ancestors who exerted everything they had to support the coming youth upon whom hopes are built. A generation that respects life, humans, and dignity. A generation of pioneers in science, of leaders, of Islam followers, of well behaved manners and immortal conscience for a better life and happier future that is perfect for Allah’s creatures on this planet.

Building the student's personality and behavior religiously, scientifically and socially.
Using modern educational methods and focusing on creativity and innovation.
Achieve the vision of wise leadership in reaching the goals of the national agenda.
Linking science to work within the school's vision (education - training - implementation).
Keeping pace with modern education and opening up to the world to reach the highest standards in education.
The curriculum

The curriculum is designed to be in line with the aspirations and vision of our wise leadership and with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Add to that, curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Add to that, curriculum enrichment books are designed to focus on the efforts of the students and these books focus on the practical aspect that depend on the principle of (education-training- applying).

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Emirati students

Emirati students have been the focus of school management in line with the vision of wise leadership in their access to beneficial education within the international education system, and Emirati students have had a special file in the school through which we take care of them and know their hobbies and creativity and develop appropriate enrichment programs for them to reach The highest level of education which the state aims to achieve by achieving the goals of the national agenda.

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School facilities

The Islamic School is characterized that it takes care of the facilities that serve the educational process and reinforces students’ talents, as it has provided a set of distinguished facilities, including (fitness center - media department - sewing – goldsmithing - science and computer laboratories) and all of these aims to enhance knowledge with applied work and detect the talented And take care of them.

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Since the Knowledge and Human Development Authority began supervising schools in Dubai to reach the highest levels, the Islamic School has fulfilled the requirements of the Authority and has been in line with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s vision in education to achieve the goals of the national agenda, and the school is keen on fruitful cooperation and constructive communication with KHDA, and follow-up on all that is new through courses, workshops and meetings in order to reach the highest international standards in education.

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Admission Policy

The Islamic School accepts all students from social groups of all nationalities who live in the Emirates within the policy of admission and a special vision for the school, and conditions must be met.
Note that the school keeps pace with the state’s policy of accepting the category of people of determination and believes in their integration into the school community in implementation of the integration policy adopted by the state’s government.

Distance learning

In response to the government's decision to activate distance learning during this period that the world is going through in light of the spread of the Corona virus, In order to preserve the health of our children, the Islamic school in Dubai has responded to this and has worked since the first day of the initiative to activate distance learning, The experience has proven a great success and excellent response by students and parents, and this confirms the Dubai government’s vision of smart learning, which was a forerunner in its adoption for many years.


The Islamic School believes strongly in the belief that the library has a major role in obtaining information, which is one of the most important facilities in the school, so it took care of that by providing a large public library that serves students and gives them opportunity to research, as well as provided class libraries serving each row for what is required of scientific materials. The School responds to the activation of the reading policy adopted by the United Arab Emirates government in education.


The Islamic School has a group of scientific laboratories that provide students with an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom, giving them the opportunity to create and innovate. The School has provided all the required tools in this regard, as it has large laboratories that keep pace with educational requirements and standers, in order to achieve the goals of scientific subjects in this field

Education is the base of flourishing and development of societies. Whenever the educational system is build well, peoples will develop. Knowledge, Science and the practical aspect should be related together.

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