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There is no doubt that science is the most important measure of differentiation among human beings, no matter how different their races and colors may be, because all people have come to believe in the value of science in the lives of individuals and groups. Moreover, science is the reason for nation’s advancement, societies rise, and the more the members of the nation advance in science and knowledge, this nation rises, and it is elevated among other nations, but how do individuals achieve this progress, and how do nations achieve this advancement? One of the most important means of education is the various educational institutions; the most important of these institutions are schools, institutes, universities and other specialized educational bodies.

Educational institutions have spread in various countries of the world, and each has a curriculum that translates its educational policy and tries to achieve its educational goals.

Therefore, it was necessary to establish a school with an educational system that achieves the full educational and educational goals, and the first step of this new educational system was the slogan that we hope that every learner will put before his eyes, (learn to work, work to teach) or in other words (learning that leads to work, expands the circle of science, develops aspects of work).

Saeed Ahmed Nasser Lootah
  • S.S. Lootah Group
  • Dubai Medical College
  • Dubai Pharmacy College for Girls
  • Lootah Technical Center
  • Dubai Medical University Hospital

Education is the base of flourishing and development of societies. Whenever the educational system is build well, peoples will develop. Knowledge, Science and the practical aspect should be related together.

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