Educational stages at our school

The primary stage : At this stage students learn the basic sciences and knowledge in terms of reading, writing, calculating, working on computers and getting acquainted with the modern educational programmes. Committing by the regulations and being well behaved students are taught at this stage as well.
The Second stage:It’s one of the most important stages as the students will have learned the tools of knowledge and the modern research ways. Students will be the centre of the learning process since they will search, record ,write, confer and give opinions using critical thinking in cooperation with their colleagues under supervision of their teachers.
The third stage: Educational fruits are ready to be picked up. The student will gain Modern education strategies that focuses mainly of the student during the educational process to achieve the aims of the National Agenda and the vision of our wise leadership.

The curriculum

The curriculum is designed to be in line with the aspirations and vision of our wise leadership and with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Add to that, curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Add to that, curriculum enrichment books are designed to focus on the efforts of the students and these books focus on the practical aspect that depend on the principle of (education-training- applying).

  • The Islamic School supports the values and general aims of education in the country basing on

    • Citizenship and responsibility.
    • Islamic principles, values and traditions
    • Supporting the pure Arabic language and supporting the English language.
    • Saving time
    • Science and technology creativity.

  • Ministry of Education Strategic Objectives
    • Ensure inclusive quality education including pre-school education.
    • Achieve excellent leadership and educational efficiency.
    • Ensure quality, efficiency and good governance of educational and institutional performance, including the delivery of teaching.
    • Ensure safe, conducive and challenging learning environments.
    • Attract and prepare students to enroll in higher education internally and externally, in light of labor market needs.
    • Strengthen the capacity for scientific research and innovation in accordance with the quality, efficiency and transparency standards.
    • Provision of quality, efficient and transparent administrative services, in accordance with the quality, efficiency and transparency standards.
    • Establish a culture of innovation in an institutional working environment.

Welcome to Islamic School for Training and Education- Kindergarten Department.

All of us know that Kindergarten is considered a unique educational and featured stage as it is the foundation of other stages. It has its own philosophy and special goals emanating from the philosophy of our school. At the end of it children will be able to:

Recite and read a lot of short surahs and hadiths.
Speak about the reasons of revealing of some surahs.
Gain more information about the biography of our prophet Muhammed – peace be upon him.
Connect between our religion and the UAE customs.

Moreover, children will be able to know all Arabic and English letters. They will know how to distinguish between their short and long sounds. They will also read a lot of sight words that will help them build correct sentences and put the sight words in the correct syntax.

On the other hand, the Kindergarten stage has a great importance as it helps the child to build his/her personality and know more about him/herself in a way that qualify him/her to be ready for the primary stage. Continuous encouragement at this stage by teachers is essential to improve their love for learning and group work, as well as, the spirit of cooperation, positive participation and self-dependence.

Education is the base of flourishing and development of societies. Whenever the educational system is build well, peoples will develop. Knowledge, Science and the practical aspect should be related together.

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